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Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding products, ordering and shipping processes, returns, billing and customer service.
1. How do I change my payment information for an order?
2. Is there another method of payment I can use for my order other than a credit card?
3. Is shopping online with your company secure?
4. How do I change my order information for an incorrectly selected item?
5. How do I change the address for an order?
6. Can I save my billing and shipping information for future orders?
7. How do I locate a specific item I want to buy?
8. Where can I see a list of everything I ordered?
9. What if I need more of a description about the item(s) I’m ordering?
10. Where is my order?
11. Why is my order not complete? (Only received 2 of 3 items)
12. How long will it take me to get my order?
13. Can shipment be made outside of the US?
14. How do I contact someone for Customer Service?
15. How do I return an item?
16. How do I cancel an order that has not yet been filled?
17. How do I check stock availability?
18. Do I get a discount when ordering several items or ordering in bulk?
Order Information

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