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By Various Artists
Publisher: EMI-CMG
Kids LOVE to sing! Whether it's a song they learned at Sunday School or a song they learned in preschool, they want to share it with you. This CD features 17 popular Bible songs in Spanish that are sure to please your little ones. Songs include: "Kum Ba Ya", "La B-I-B-L-I-A", "Soldado Soy De Jesus", and more!
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$9.99 Regular Price
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By Various
Publisher: StraightWay
Todas las canciones estan grabada en formato de Split-Track.
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By Myers, Bill; Wimbish, David
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Vida Publishers
You've seen movies and TV shows or read books that have supernatural ideas. A lot of times, it's entertaining. Boys who are warlocks with magical powers, women who see the future, a girl who sees and talks to dead people---as ideas go, these have great potential to tell a good story. But is it real? And if so, what does that mean to me?The Dark Side of the Supernatural will show you the truth behind the supernatural. It's a handbook that separates truth from fiction, while looking at each topic in light of the Bible. Bill Myers has spent years researching supernatural phenomenon, and has even made movies about it. In this book, he'll share his research, along with interviews and true-life experiences of psychics, Satanis ... more
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$9.67 Our Price
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Viewing a total of 4 items in Spanish - Kids

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